Boonaye sells its products through independent distributors and online through Boonaye's website. We feel that through these two distribution methods, we are able to maintain reasonable prices for the consumer by keeping overhead costs low and controlling inventory.

The goal of Boonaye is to help the independent distributor be successful in reaching their financial goals. The benefits of being an independent distributor allows you the flexibility to work from home without the cost of maintaining a retail space (brick and mortar store). This allows independent distributors to manage and conduct business based on their own financial and personal goals.

Becoming an independent distributor with Boonaye requires an initial, start-up 15-unit order and a one-time enrollment fee. After becoming an independent distributor, there will be many excellent opportunities for additional benefits and bonuses to further increase your earning potential. Please read Boonaye's Terms and Conditions for more detailed information on becoming an independent distributor before submitting your application.

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