What is boonaye?

boonaye is a revolutionary skin care line that is made up of plant stem-cell extract, which aids in cellular regeneration. This extract has the ability to help replenish cells in our own bodies.
Natural stem cells begin to diminish with age, which can cause wrinkles.
The plant stem-cell extract works to uncover the unused stem cells in the body and rejuvenate skin.

The Benefits of Boonaye

Boonaye's stem-cell-based product composition helps fight the signs of aging. It contains a nutrient-rich antioxidant formula that provides all-day hydration while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is the appearance of smoother, firmer, more vibrant and healthy skin.

How to Use boonaye.

Use Boonaye twice a day to maintain the appearance of healthy, moisturized skin. After cleansing, within 5-10 seconds apply a liberal amount to the face in a gentle circular motion, while gently patting to the delicate skin area around the eyes. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If irritation or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.

How to Operate the Container

Our Boonaye container uses a contemporary design that incorporates an inner cap and vacuum pressure to pump out the cream. This protects the product from outside contamination and helps ensure that it stays fresh and retains its moisture.

To use the product, remove the outside cap to reveal the inner-cap pump. Remove the small plug from the dispenser of the inner cap. Then use two thumbs to gently press and extract the desired amount of the PurelyRefine cream.

Boonaye stc's goals and mission statement

Our products are derived from natural plant materials that are prepared and selected from the finest ingredients available.

Our goal is to provide quality beauty products that benefit the health and beauty of our consumer.

We place a high importance on creating premium products that are natural, safe, and good for you.

Our mission is to continuously deliver natural, safe, and effective beauty products with the utmost integrity that honors the trust of our consumer.

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